First success after only 3 weeks

Welcome back dear women

After almost 3 weeks of reading mostly money related topics, listening to Warren Buffet and a few Youtube Finance Channels and starting to learn about investing on Mintos and Bondora, organising virtual finance talks for women,  I can see amazing changes happening in my life. Already. 

At first I thought that nothing has changed other than that feeling of urgency to learn more and spend time investigating. There is this sense of urgency: "I need to get more money, I need to create assets and income streams".. rushing and hustling and there is a feeling of large want, a want to live my life the way I want it.  

Yesterday, I visited my mother in hospital. While spending time with her and my dad and talking about life, money, the current health system that is about to crash and the future I realized that not only did they still own the industrial mindset of work all your life 9-5, save and then retire old and crusty with a "good" pension tied to the house in the village which in reality still belongs to the bank. 

They couldn't understand that this life model is now outdated. Times have changed. I don´t need to change my parents but to just understand that their live model is something they will defend to death but which I chose from early age not to follow.  

The good thing about it is that though: I realized something fundamental yesterday evening on my way back: 

I had changed. My mindset and my understanding has shifted.

Money wave is taking over my life!


  • Talking about buying property in aspiring countries
  • Wondering about how I could buy government bonds from aspring countries 
  • Being able to invite my father for dinner - with a smile 
  • Watching my nephew struggle studying, because he things a degree and will give him a secure future. He has to make his experiences.
  • Observing the difference people around me taking the old mindset victim-attitude
  • Proudly looking at my bank statement of my savings account - but knowing that these are only numbers. 
  • Explaining to my friend how P2P credit platforms work
  • Connecting to other women with financial interest and understanding

Money lessons from January: 

  • Listening to audiobooks saves time, can be done anywhere (offline) and helps me to diminish being glued to the PC/tablet
  • Lesson learned: You gotta keep up with what is happening in the world. I did get a blockchain back then but never invested in Bitcoin. Silly me. 
  • Kindle unlimited subscription cancelled: a large part of the free books are not really worth much and I will now pay as I read.
  • Time is money, more than ever! 
  • Proud of yesterdays purchase: Varufakis book

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