The long and winding road

What on earth is wrong with our - with the female - relationship to money? 

I have started this blog when I started to fully accept that my goal was becoming financially free. It should one fine day help other women to reach this goal.

Money. This is something that women - still  today  - often have problems with. "Money is evil" or we have to "give constantly to be loved". Like the mother who is eternally giving and loving unconditionally. And she doesn't even ask anything in return!

A lot of that - excuse me my language - is bullshit. BS. Big time!

Why are so many women earning less than their male colleagues in the same job? Why are so many women low on cash or just ignoring the whole thing. Married ones just leave it all up to their husband who is "dealing" with all about money issues. They usually don't even know what the husband is doing, how much she would get in case of death or after he stoops working. The money topic has been neglected by most of us and still is. In an embarrassing and ugly way.

But I have news for you. There are ways to come to an understanding of how money works. Money does not care and nature is neutral. So if you follow the simple path and do what all the other successful people have done before you will reach exactly the same thing. Knowing all that, I started my path: step by step.

How did I come to this realization? 

In 2017 I have finally reached the basic point of understanding how money works and how the banks work. And my shocking conclusion was that:

Nothing and nobody is coming to save me or you or you. Nope.  

I have understood that the government is not here to pay for us - and I don't even think it is ok to believe that. We have to add value our self to get value back. It´s that simple. Give value into a system and get some value out. Expecting something without giving anything? This is just as much a BS as giving "unconditionally" without getting anything in return.

During the past months and so I had been growing more annoyed by people or even entire legacies who claim to be entitled to a free monthly salary which should be paid by the government. Without working. What? Yes, in many countries (rich countries of course) this is an ongoing topic and ever debated in elections and people are even protesting for this. "Give us money for nothing in return".

Either way, on January 2nd, I sat there and read my first book about P2P credits. 2 weeks ago I  had opened an account on Bondora and now started to listen to webinars and YouTube videos. Suddenly, I had an epiphany: I finally realized what I really wanted in my life.

Exactly when this blog was born and this very post was published, I decided one thing:

Above all things in my life I wanted: be financially free. 

I wanted to have a passive income so I could spend my days reading, writing, going to the beach, dance, travel and discover the world, foods, countries, etc.

Until that point that was just my perspective, but I never knew the how to do it. I was too trapped in my "how" and trying to find a "method or a thing" which I would need to learn first to get out there and sell and make money from there. So complicated! And because I find so many topics interesting, of course I would get lost in my topics and lost in my wich for making money with one of them.

Heck, I was complicating my life so much. I was blocking myself so much, and had been doing this for years. Ridiculous but probably I just had to make this journey to come to my conclusion. I sat there and imagined how I would explain to my imaginary finance-guru what I actually wanted.
The minute I imagined what I would say to him, I understood what I wanted:  To be free.

On January 2nd I realized 2 things that changed my life:
1) I finally knew what I wanted
2) I knew that I should just go straight towards it.

And I intended to to this by learning about money, reading all about money and connecting with others to get to know more about money, by going where money is, by learning to invest and by changing my job. Eventually.

And here we go: Step one was to finally realize that and to be more relaxed and confident about going into this direction.

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