The NOTHING NEW challenge

1 week ago, I moved into a small apartment temporarily as I just came back to Crete. Last autumn, I had given up my large 3 bedroom apartment on the hip side of town and with almost all my stuff. Don´t get me wrong, I am a minimalist and I love large half-empty rooms. I never owned many things but I gave away and sold most of my stuff last autumn before leaving. 

So when I moved into the new place, I realized that:
1) There was almost no space to put my stuff!
2) Hey,  I now own less than I thought. 

With that experience being difficult at first but then empowering, something crossed my mind:

I want to remain a minimalist.

Recently I told my nephew that I am 40 now and I don´t really plan on buying new shoes/clothes/furniture/car/things in general until I die. He laughed in a very surprised way. He owns a computer, study books, an Iphone and some clothes, so he is even more hard-core than me.

Thanks to that idea, I came up with this challenge: "I will not buy any new clothes anymore" 

1) Because I have got enough already
2) I can only wear one item at a time
3) I don´t want to spend the money

--> But wait, how about applying this to ALL things?

Examples of my inventory:
  • Bike: borrowed from a friend. Helmet new -  safety goes first.
  • Furniture: sold and the remaining stuff will be sold little by little, renting furnished places
  • Slippers: need replacement, but I will postpone a purchase
  • Shoes: I only buy good quality and no further purchase is planned for the next 10 years, apart from the slippers....
  • Phone: instead of buying a new one, I just bought a more storage space. Gotta deal with it!
  • Handbags: plenty there, nothing new needed.
  • Kitchen and household goods: either borrowed or simply using what is provided.

How do you avoid buying new things and what do you think? 

Share your inventory list in our feminine power group! 


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