May 2018 Book list

Welcome back dear readers

We are slowly but steadily reaching the 2018 half time. Time is flying so fast, today I was amazed by the size of my Amazon wishlist. It keeps growing and growing but the amount of my books read is not that high.

How come? I´m puzzled and feel bad about myself. What have I been doing during the last few weeks? I realize now, that I have been listening to the same audiobook for many times, again and again. I let the content sink in and was not moving on to new books this time.

- See Jane Lead - Lois Frankel
- Linchpin. Are you indispensable? - Seth Godin
- Gl├╝ckskinder - Hermann Scherer (only in German)

Downloaded and ready to read, opening up yet another new universe with Kennedys Information:
- No B.S wealth attraction in the new economy. Dan S.Kennedy

Recommendation of the month:

For anyone who has not read anything by Seth Godin I can highly recommend to start reading or listening to his audiobook. In his book he is talking about the person who makes himself indispensable by not following the "rules" and providing more wealth by giving to the tribe, understanding the new "old" economy. When we look at Godins Homepage, it gets very clear immediately who he is: He has only 7000 blogposts to show for, 18 bestsellers and about 3 million attendees at his over 1000 speeches so far. He also teaches in online courses and speaks publicly.

Seth Godins Homepage

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