6 months of diving deeply into finances

Half a year has gone since I started to read all I could about money and investments.

Already.  What has changed? Now I wanted to come up with a huge bullet list of things to impress you. I tried, and I got a few things together in a simple list, but no...  that is not valuable. I think most of them are still in "progress" and shifts don´t happen overnight. Moreover, I don´t think you can take something home from a bullet list only.

Let me explain: I think the chore thing that really changed in me is my mindset.

1) I am no longer interested in wasting time and I am avoiding it
For example:
- I would chose the direct flight over the one with a stop that is half of the price or lower.
- Or I would buy an item I need on the way to something else, even if it costs a little bit more. By doing that, I avoid going out to the shops yet again and losing another hour.

-> Conclude this:
Because I don´t have that much time. Time is money. Money is unlimited, but time is not.

2)  Recognizing the sharpness of my edges
It doesn't stop with the above: I am no longer willing to accept anybody trying to steal or take advantage of my time or asking me to work for free which usually is a time-trading too. Maybe for friendship and approval. Not only do I not tolerate it but I am not entertaining such people anymore. I cut them out of my system. That sounds quite harsh but hand on your hart: Aren't you doing the same? Are you really not wasting your time? I don´t want anybody wasting their time.

3) I am interested in going straight to results
That has changed completely my way of working. Instead of taking my time trying to make everything perfect, finding more information, reading more books, I am going straight to results. For example: I´m going straight to opening a web shop instead of starting to blog about a topic, thinking too much, trying to connect other people... bla bla bla... wasting my time. So speaking of this blog, I am already pondering over away to monetize it. The goal is clear to me: change my finances which will be a mere by-product f my one-year project. I am going straight to a solution, instead of circling the topic going around and around and around for ages.

4) I started listening to audible rather than reading books on Kindle.  
I hate to admit it to myself and publicly, but I am doing it anyway. Acknowledging this fact leads to a transformation of society. More and more that we are going to consume will be audio, and not visual anymore. We just don´t have the time to take in all this information in such a short time.

Time is the currency here. Not money.  

5) Increasing my knowledge and broadening the mind
What else happens, when you start to educate yourself on a topic? More and more useful information comes your way. I have accumulated a tremendous mass of knowledge within these 6 months, yes. And I have started to invest on platforms, I have started to get informed and plan on how to achieve my financial freedom. I am eager to invest in the stock market and build a gold/silver portfolio.

However, these things focus on the future, the far future. I started not only thinking about that, I am also thinking about the immediate future now: I started working in a more focused way on what is now and within the next few months. What do I want to see happen in my life within the next few months? How much do I want to earn by the end of the year? And then I am taking action.

6) Decreasing my expenses yet again
I already live a very frugal and one would say "ascetic" live. This year though, I have been extremely careful with spending. My cash-book is always there, I am writing down all my expenses every day. The act alone of doing this helps to stick to a budget, which I haven't even defined. But seeing the numbers every week motivates me to get them lower the next week. And that is what happened. I stopped "wasting" money too and always rethink before I buy something. "Is it really necessary?" Sometimes, I can find creative solutions on how to NOT buy something. I stopped spending carelessly just because it is cheaper here than what I am used to, it does not mean that I should spend more. I'm just getting what I really need.

7) Opening myself up to politics, economy and even marketing
I think through focusing on money, and therewith also politics, economics and ultimately self development, helped me broaden my knowledge and becoming more open and tolerant about other topics. I understand now that no topic can be standing alone. Everything is interconnected and therefore I cannot "ONLY" read about money. Because that is just the glue of our society. A stakeholder for value which represents a good. Ultimately it comes within a context.

8) Women and Money Revelation
I came to a realization that women today are still underrepresented in the finance sector, they are not interested in it or too intimidated to take care of their finances. Carelessly they are giving control to other people, failing to keep controlling their life and money themselves. Observing my environment closely and reading Lois Frankel´s books has helped me see this. Find the links to the books I read here in May´s blogpost and February´s blogpost. You will find some shocking revelations in there.

That came along with a self revelation and being brutally honest to myself: I have a problem dealing or being near women with low self esteem and people who don´t accept a gift. For me it is nearly impossible to stand it. I was and still am surprised to see that even women who are interested in finance and such, don´t even DARE to want to reach for the stars. Why? What has made them believe that gracefully accepting is not ok? I noticed more and more people around me,  who were unable to accept a gift. Of course I observed myself. Was I not accepting a gift? No, I did accept gifts gracefully from anybody, all the time and happily. I´m puzzled, it´s such a joy to give something from the heart, and not because I expect something in return. In my view not accepting a gift is disrespectful towards the giver. And therefore I feel often hurt. But that's ok, because I know I chose to be hurt. 

9) Inside and outside is the same.
What to expect in a country that is bankrupt? Where all the money that comes out of the wall is adding up to the billions of dept it already has. A country in which most people don´t pay tax, try to get away with cheating or finding sneaky ways to get advantages, overcharge when they see you are from abroad, keep complaining how poor they are and operating with a currency that is not representing the countries economical ability?

Another huge shift is about to happen: I will move because here I am surrounded by poor people, people who constantly complain but would have enough, slow internet, backwards thinking, people who have distorted views about money stemming a society that does not listen to each other, not respect each-others space or opinion and still plays this "I give-so you owe me" Mafia mentality. What does it say about me? That I am leaving.

10) Self-revelation number 3: 
I am a workaholic. I admit it, I work day and night and my ultimate goal is to achieve financial freedom. That and only that. It´s like a foundation I need at first, before anything. And I am determined to reach it. By financial freedom I mean really to be able to stop working altogether and only live off dividends and sales in the background, etc. A high goal to set, isn't it? And it is totally legitimate to have such a goal.

May was the month of revelation and insight. June the month of change and now it is here: Pondering about what to make out of this "financial" year, something I can give to you readers. I am hoping to find an answer during the second half of the year.

Until then, see you!

Time is the new currency. Never forget that.