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July 2018 Booklist

Time flies when we enjoy ourselves right? July presented me with a range of good and tempting reads and I felt that I didn´t have enough time to read/listen to what I had wanted because I was working on other topics. My wish list keeps growing and my Audible Library too!

The list:
- Lucky Bitch. A guide for exceptional Women to create outrageous success -  Denise Duffield-Thomas
- Worth it - your life your money - Amanda Steinberg
- The Universe has your back - Gabrielle Bernstein

Do I feel bad that I can only present you with 3 titles?  No. The list looks like very little work, however it was a remarkable month. A major shift in my thinking occurred.

Firstly, all the books were written by women.  Many of you might know Gabrielle Bernsteins book. She is well known and the book is great if you just start out to learn about universal laws and money as a women. However Denise Duffield-Thomas is not a name that pops up very often. Even more surprisingly though, she helped me to learn most ab…

June 2018 Book list

Half a year is over now. Wow, that went so fast, it feels as if I just started the yesterday. Time is flying. Again Time is the currency folks, as money is abundant. 

Along with my recent update and 6-months wrap-up I am showing you my list here which is quite something to show for, considering that I was also starting 3 Instagram accounts in June and fully designed my other website. I have now adapted the workaholic mentality.

How and Why? It´s Gary V is the answer. Follow Gary Vaynerchuck on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook: Any platform that you are using. I think this man is authentic, clear and straight to the point and he has helped me a lot.

I realize more and more that all we need (knowledge, motivation, help, community) is out there. We just have to find it, consume it and then ACTUALLY APPLY it. Easier said than done. Which challenges do you face concerning this matter?

Knowing that I am also leaning into Personal Development myself, I am quite aware of this and wish to go ba…

6 months of diving deeply into finances

Half a year has gone since I started to read all I could about money and investments. Already.  What has changed? Now I wanted to come up with a huge bullet list of things to impress you. I tried, and I got a few things together in a simple list, but no...  that is not valuable. I think most of them are still in "progress" and shifts don´t happen overnight. Moreover, I don´t think you can take something home from a bullet list only.
Let me explain: I think the chore thing that really changed in me is my mindset. 1) I am no longer interested in wasting time and I am avoiding it
For example:
- I would chose the direct flight over the one with a stop that is half of the price or lower.
- Or I would buy an item I need on the way to something else, even if it costs a little bit more. By doing that, I avoid going out to the shops yet again and losing another hour.

-> Conclude this:
Because I don´t have that much time. Time is money. Money is unlimited, but time is not.

2) …

May 2018 Book list

Welcome back dear readers

We are slowly but steadily reaching the 2018 half time. Time is flying so fast, today I was amazed by the size of my Amazon wishlist. It keeps growing and growing but the amount of my books read is not that high.

How come? I´m puzzled and feel bad about myself. What have I been doing during the last few weeks? I realize now, that I have been listening to the same audiobook for many times, again and again. I let the content sink in and was not moving on to new books this time.

- See Jane Lead - Lois Frankel
- Linchpin. Are you indispensable? - Seth Godin
- Gl├╝ckskinder - Hermann Scherer (only in German)

Downloaded and ready to read, opening up yet another new universe with Kennedys Information:
- No B.S wealth attraction in the new economy. Dan S.Kennedy

Recommendation of the month: For anyone who has not read anything by Seth Godin I can highly recommend to start reading or listening to his audiobook. In his book he is talking about the person who makes hims…

April 2018 Book list

Once you change, everything changes!
Welcome back dear reader. Wow, what a ride! April has brought many surprises to me from which you can benefit a lot. 

And I can´t wait to let you know what it is: But first, here are the books I read/listened to in April 2018: 

The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham (Audiobook)
Education of millionaires  Ellsberg Michael
Showdown: Dirk M├╝ller (German Audiobook)
Kolja Barghoorn: Der rationale Kapitalist (German Audiobook) 

All of the above books were extremely valuable and helpful. My winner is the Education of millionaires by Michael Ellsberg, a book which I had sample read already a few years ago and now came back to.  

So, whats the great news I have for you? You need more than just a book list, you need to know which book you should buy and which one not and you need a short summary to know the gist of a book:
Save your valuable time by listening toshort book summaries here

See other months book lists
Improve your saving habits
Buy nothing new chal…

Why "The Millionaire Fastlane" is an indespensable read

Dear readers. I recently read a book that really changed my game.

"The millionaire fastlane" written by Mj Demarco

I found that title so valuable, that I decided to write a solid summary about it to help you decide if you want to buy the book or not. And do you know what?

-> I prefer to listen to a summary than to read the article

So you want to get rich right? The title “The millionaire fastlane” could imply that this is just another get rich quick scheme book. However, it is truly not. It is provocative and delivering you what you need to know about the current slowlane model (the common and slow way to get rich). That, according to the Author is a blueprint to becoming poor.

“Getting rich slowly means getting rich old” Mj Demarco has a very simple message: Avoid doing what every Tom, Dick and Harry is doing on the slowlane and switch to the fastlane. Pay yourself first and look at his advice. He urges us to stop buying the old school scheme: “Get a good educati…

Sidehustle: P2P Credits

P2P credits are nothing new but they are still growing all over Europe right now. New platforms are starting all the time. One after another pops up so I gave it a go too.  If you can share new platform names with me, I am more than happy to try them out!

My strategy is to invest and build a machine that (one day) pays my daily living cost. I don´t follow the noise of slowlane) buy and hold or save for later when it comes to P2P credits. I invest to play and only in short term.

Here are my experiences so far:

1) Mintos: Awesome This is great, I love Mintos. After months of fiddling and testing around, I found my own technique to make a small income from short term loans.

Net interest income so far since starting to invest:
On April 10th:  3.19 EUR
On April 24th:  4.27 EUR

We are talking small money here. Tiny, because I didn´t invest a big amount into the platform and I usually slice the single investments into 10 Euros at a time. However if you want to put more money into the pla…

Techniques that really improve your finances: Reducing your expenses

I like to compare financial growth with loosing/putting on weight. If you eat more than you need, you will put on weight. If you eat less than your body burns, you will usually lose weight. 
So, actually it is really easy. The first thing you need to do to become wealthy is this: 
Stop spending mindlessly. 
To stop spending all together is very hard and not many people would want to live like a homeless, therefore I understand that  you still need to eat and pay your rent or gas/transportation, etc... - but please do stop spending all the time for things that are not really necessary.
How can we do that? Keeping your money firstly and fore-mostly means to decrease your expenses. Therefore the first thing to do is to look closely at our expenses. 
Best technique to reduce your expenses To be in total control of my expenses, I use an old school notebook and a pen. Always ready, always available. Then I write down every day exactly what I spent. The notebook can travel with me or simply…

The NOTHING NEW challenge

1 week ago, I moved into a small apartment temporarily as I just came back to Crete. Last autumn, I had given up my large 3 bedroom apartment on the hip side of town and with almost all my stuff. Don´t get me wrong, I am a minimalist and I love large half-empty rooms. I never owned many things but I gave away and sold most of my stuff last autumn before leaving. 

So when I moved into the new place, I realized that:
1) There was almost no space to put my stuff!
2) Hey,  I now own less than I thought. 

With that experience being difficult at first but then empowering, something crossed my mind:

I want to remain a minimalist.
Recently I told my nephew that I am 40 now and I don´t really plan on buying new shoes/clothes/furniture/car/things in general until I die. He laughed in a very surprised way. He owns a computer, study books, an Iphone and some clothes, so he is even more hard-core than me.

Thanks to that idea, I came up with this challenge: "I will not buy any new clothes …

Kickstart your financial journey

In January 2018 I started this blog here and my new financial journey. However my financial education started a long time before that. It started the minute I understood about sustainability. The minute I truly internalized these principles, something had changed me. Let me make this knowledge accessible to you now.

As a child and teenager, I had already been very diligently saving money. I would usually ask for cash rather than any kind of presents I wanted for my birthdays or Christmas. Like that I kept my liquidity high and bought myself the things I truly wanted or I just saved it.

At the age of 14 on a weekend trip to Stockholm with my brother and his wife I was able to pay the day expenses for the 3 of us in cash. I had to because all the ATMs were out of order and card payment was not yet alive back then. I learned one important rule:

Always, always carry some cash with you for emergency (ok, or hide it under your mattress if you wish)

I´ll let you in on my easy financial ti…