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First success after only 3 weeks

Welcome back dear women

After almost 3 weeks of reading mostly money related topics, listening to Warren Buffet and a few Youtube Finance Channels and starting to learn about investing on Mintos and Bondora, organising virtual finance talks for women,  I can see amazing changes happening in my life. Already. 

At first I thought that nothing has changed other than that feeling of urgency to learn more and spend time investigating. There is this sense of urgency: "I need to get more money, I need to create assets and income streams".. rushing and hustling and there is a feeling of large want, a want to live my life the way I want it.  

Yesterday, I visited my mother in hospital. While spending time with her and my dad and talking about life, money, the current health system that is about to crash and the future I realised that not only did they still own the industrial mindset of work all your life 9-5, save and then retire old and crusty with a "good" pension tied to …

Frugality, frugality, frugality!

My journey through my money year of 2018 had started with some earlier insights. As I kept listening to more and more motivational speakers I started to understand. Understand that rich people are rich because of what they do. They didn´t get rich by chance and I was not poor due to mere luck. I was where I was at due to my recent actions.

So, why are rich people rich?  There is a saying in my language: "You learn to save from rich people" 

which is used when somebody is overly economical. But there is a lot of truth in it. What do rich people do differently than steady Edi who keeps working at an office for a all his life and never gets ahead, never gets promoted, is just working the bare minimum, goes bald and has an unattractive wife?

Rich folks have healthy positive habits and they have discipline: 

They don't overspend They spend less than they earnThey don't over-consumeThey work 50 or more hours a week They keep improving themselves throughout their lifeThey m…

The long and winding road

What on earth is wrong with our - with the female - relationship to money?  I have started this blog when I started to fully accept that my goal was becoming financially free. It should one fine day help other women to reach this goal.

Money. This is something that women - still  today  - often have problems with. "Money is evil" or we have to "give constantly to be loved". Like the mother who is eternally giving and loving unconditionally. And she doesn't even ask anything in return!

A lot of that - excuse me my language - is bullshit. BS. Big time!

Why are so many women earning less than their male colleagues in the same job? Why are so many women low on cash or just ignoring the whole thing. Married ones just leave it all up to their husband who is "dealing" with all about money issues. They usually don't even know what the husband is doing, how much she would get in case of death or after he stoops working. The money topic has been neglected b…