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February 2018 Book List

Welcome back dear reader. The first changes are already visible and my life has improved. With my pockets full after working a few months (and only working) Im ready to take off:  
More goodies:
Read here about the transformation into an abundance mindset and the check out the 

January and February summary here. 
Earl Nightingale: Lead the field ebookEarl Nightingale: The New Lead the field (Youtube Version) Robert Kiyosaki: The Cashflow Quadrant Lois Frankel: Nice girls don`t get rich
All of the above was really worth reading and listening to. I have listened to the Cahsflow-Quadrant multiple times and I think this remains a book worth keeping throughout my life.
The "Nice girls" books are suitable for women who want to learn more about money and how to behave in a professional environment and at work. Lois Frankels books are extremely recommendable for women, also "Nice girls don´t get the corner office".

January 2018 Book List

The journey starts
International:Endlich mehr verdienen Bodo Schäfer (youtube) Ray Dalio: PrinciplesRich dad poor dad Robert Kiyosaki (re-listen, available for free) Choose yourself guide to wealth: James Altucher (available for free) Nice girls don't get the corner office: Lois Frankel (re-read)Nine-to-Five muss nicht sein: Eine unfehlbare Anleitung: Christopher Klein

German books:
Die Faulbär-Strategie zur Million: Christopher KleinEinmal Dividende Bitte: Jens HelbigETFs für Anfänger: Karsten JägerInvestieren in p2p Kredite: Lars Wrobbel und Kolja Barghoorn9 to 5 muss nicht sein: Christopher Klein Meine Gelddruckmaschine:  Christopher KleinHandel mit Bitcoins: Alexander ZimmermannReichtum und Geld: Claudia Schmid

Strongly recommended reading: 
Lars Wrobbel-Kolja Barghoorns book about p2p Credits and start investing of course Rich Dad Poor Dad gets you into the right mindset! James Altuchers free book Choose yourself guide to wealth. He also offers a 3 hour podcast collection for free!  …