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2 months into the game: The fast lane to an abundance mindset

I was writing these lines during the first days of March reflecting about the past weeks. Pretty amazed by the changes I looked back noticing the huge shift. It was not that my personality or my looks had changed. No. But my perception and my overall view had changed. My life has shifted a lot since I had committed myself to read and learn about finances.

I noticed that the concentration on learning more about money, investments, more sophisticated pieces of self development brought me fast forward into a more clear mindset. The mere thought of a possibility that my life could be different and could actually be all that I wanted brought a total shift of perception. I had understood how the laws of the universe act in my favour, if I dared to use them:
Much work brings more of success and lots of doing nothing would will bring problems.  Simple! 

All this knowledge brought me more positivity and security. I feel more stable thanks to my vast knowledge (all tough: "the more I know …