April 2018 Book list

Once you change, everything changes!

Welcome back dear reader. Wow, what a ride! April has brought many surprises to me from which you can benefit a lot. 

And I can´t wait to let you know what it is:

But first, here are the books I read/listened to in April 2018: 

The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham (Audiobook)

Education of millionaires  Ellsberg Michael
Showdown: Dirk Müller (German Audiobook)
Kolja Barghoorn: Der rationale Kapitalist (German Audiobook) 

All of the above books were extremely valuable and helpful. My winner is the Education of millionaires by Michael Ellsberg, a book which I had sample read already a few years ago and now came back to.  

So, whats the great news I have for you? 

You need more than just a book list, you need to know which book you should buy and which one not and you need a short summary to know the gist of a book:
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