Kickstart your financial journey

In January 2018 I started this blog here and my new financial journey. However my financial education started a long time before that. It started the minute I understood about sustainability. The minute I truly internalized these principles, something had changed me. Let me make this knowledge accessible to you now.

As a child and teenager, I had already been very diligently saving money. I would usually ask for cash rather than any kind of presents I wanted for my birthdays or Christmas. Like that I kept my liquidity high and bought myself the things I truly wanted or I just saved it.

At the age of 14 on a weekend trip to Stockholm with my brother and his wife I was able to pay the day expenses for the 3 of us in cash. I had to because all the ATMs were out of order and card payment was not yet alive back then. I learned one important rule: 

Always, always carry some cash with you for emergency (ok, or hide it under your mattress if you wish)

I´ll let you in on my easy financial tips for your kickstart:

1) Start small. I mean really small

I know it sucks to read this. You want to start big and live large. Like Mr. President. Don´t worry, you will eventually get there but for now start one thing and keep doing it. How do you read a book of 600 pages? Only by reading it slice by slice.

See it as a training for later as you learn the tools for your success along the way:
How about starting to put aside 20 EUR per week? Or 50? Open a separate account and throw any extra money in there. At best you get a free savings account that does not have the withdrawal function, or only a few free ones per year. Or, simply save your coins every day and put them aside in the evening. Only carry banknotes. After only a few days you will be flabbergasted at the amount you save. But be weary:

Its not about the amount but about the discipline you perform!

So, hear me out: 
Start slowly and refrain from hasty action: The biggest mistake is to invest a few thousands into something you know nothing about. I know you want the millions (me too) but get the knowledge and tools first.

Otherwise, if you want to shortcut I can help you to find a millionaire husband. Visit my Dating Blog and ask me about how to find and marry a millionaire.

Nope? Ok then. More tips:

Here is how you can cut your expenses easily

Follow my no-buying-new-things challenge here 


2) Expose yourself to knowledge: it´s out there, for free!

When you find the first one, you will automatically get a suggestion for the next. Therefore, once you started out, one thing will lead to the next and before you know, you are listening to the major finance bloggers of the world.
I started with Brian Tracy and from there via Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield etc... finally fund the financial bloggers. I am following most of the german speaking ones right now but in English I can recommend Investmentzen

Here you can find Money-Blog Charts (yes that exists!)

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