July 2018 Booklist

Time flies when we enjoy ourselves right? July presented me with a range of good and tempting reads and I felt that I didn´t have enough time to read/listen to what I had wanted because I was working on other topics. My wish list keeps growing and my Audible Library too!

The list:
- Lucky Bitch. A guide for exceptional Women to create outrageous success -  Denise Duffield-Thomas
- Worth it - your life your money - Amanda Steinberg
- The Universe has your back - Gabrielle Bernstein

Do I feel bad that I can only present you with 3 titles? 

No. The list looks like very little work, however it was a remarkable month. A major shift in my thinking occurred.

Firstly, all the books were written by women. 

Many of you might know Gabrielle Bernsteins book. She is well known and the book is great if you just start out to learn about universal laws and money as a women. However Denise Duffield-Thomas is not a name that pops up very often. Even more surprisingly though, she helped me to learn most about me.

Seconldy: Money blocks! For real! 

Thanks to Denise Duffield-Thomas´ book I realized that I had money blocks myself! Denise´s book helped me recognize them. I started to work on them with the help of a coach. I understood that I was blocking the money flow to come to me by thinking about money too much and also by dealing with small numbers and not daring to reach for the large sums. Girls, we all deserve bit amounts of cash, it is totally ok and we are so worth it.

--> Therefore I can recommend this book to anyone. This one should not be missing in any woman´s Kindle or Audible Library.

Thirdly: Just let it come to you!

Then, the miracle happened: the first money from my brand new web shop  (a mere 2 weeks after opening without any advertising) card reading service came. And also, amazing new things happened, once I shifted my focus on dealing with large sums and stop thinking and wasting time with small amounts. This made room for amazing new things, topics, people and had a major impact on my life.

It is as if I had woken up from a dream, as if I had forgotten the universal law of reciprocity: what comes in, goes out again, what goes out must come in again.. Therefore, anything we spend must come back in. Spend with love and joy!

See you next month! Shh.. Denise has published a new book in July which I am starting right now. More about it next month.