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August 2018

The end of August is around the corner. Another month went by and again it passed so quickly.

What I would like to stress this month is this: Realize that time passes anyway - and fast - you might as well invest into something. Did you hear that: Invest into something and then continue living your life.

Time will pass anyway! Use your time and let your knowledge (and money) compound. We as humans are very well fixed into our 3 dimensions. But there are actually 5. We forget the 2 additional panes:

- Relationships
- Time

With investing we use the 5. dimension of time. We also do this when we plant something in the garden, probably unconsciously so. It will grow if we keep watering it and taking care of it and put it into a good network of other plants (4. dimension). Try applying the same to your investments: I mean the financial investments and your personal investments.

Augusts books are as follows:

- A random walk down wall street - Burton G Malkiel
- Get Rich, Lucky Bitch: Relea…