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September 2018 book list

September was a month of surprises and huge mindset shifts for me. The book list is short, because additionally I started a Money Mindset Online Course and I was still staying in the mountains without much internet access.

A major shift in my mindset happened. Thanks to Denise Duffield-Thomas books - as we already learned last month - I realized that I had money blocks. But what kind? September helped me to find out which ones.

Book List:
Attract money now - Joe Vitale
Das Einmaleins des Immobilienmaklers - Florian Roski 

This was the first time I have read anything by Joe Vitale, also known for his appearance in the movie "The Secret". Vitale teaches what I am also learning in the Money Mentality Makeover Course and what I have so far picked up from the recent books by Gabrielle Bernstein and Denise Duffield-Thomas, and others. I can certainly recommend it to anyone.

Florian Roski is a well known personality in the German speaking circles, who became wealthy by flipping rea…