September 2018 book list

September was a month of surprises and huge mindset shifts for me. The book list is short, because additionally I started a Money Mindset Online Course and I was still staying in the mountains without much internet access.

A major shift in my mindset happened. Thanks to Denise Duffield-Thomas books - as we already learned last month - I realized that I had money blocks. But what kind? September helped me to find out which ones.

Book List:
Attract money now - Joe Vitale
Das Einmaleins des Immobilienmaklers - Florian Roski 

This was the first time I have read anything by Joe Vitale, also known for his appearance in the movie "The Secret". Vitale teaches what I am also learning in the Money Mentality Makeover Course and what I have so far picked up from the recent books by Gabrielle Bernstein and Denise Duffield-Thomas, and others. I can certainly recommend it to anyone.

Florian Roski is a well known personality in the German speaking circles, who became wealthy by flipping real estate. Unfortunately his book is not available in English, as far as I know. He has a Youtube channel and watching his videos certainly helps to get into the real estate business more profoundly and 1 on 1, where you can actually see him talking to you directly.

Notice that we have gotten to an entirely spiritual path and I am exploring all different aspects and possibilities or - lets say - topics of money. Real Estate, Cryptocurrencies, etc.. Money has various faces for me and can be made in different ways.

But we cannot hold money, if we don´t understand the core of wealth:
  • Money is energy
  • Money represents how you feel about yourself
  • Money is in direct correlation to your self worth 

I feel a bit embarrassed to say it publicly:
This month, I realized that I have been living in  a scarcity mindset. Each month I paid the rent, I was smiling, but I felt it was "so much money" and I actually didn't WANT to spend it.  I never expressed gratitude to be able to have my own place and how much I enjoyed it. When I posted that I don´t want to buy anything new, this came from a scarcity mindset too! It did. Week after week, I tried to make my expenses smaller and smaller, instead of finding ways to expand.  

I made it difficult for myself. Operating from a scarcity mindset I didn't allow the universe to have my back. I didn't allow myself to buy what I wanted and made me feel good, in order to get into a higher vibrational mindset. Believing money always runs out, my money did run out each and every single summer during the past 4 years. I worked and got back up, then spend and it ran out again.

This month confirmed to me again, that it is all mental. Money is energy, and is being charged with what we believe it is and what we think it does or does not.

How did I get to this conclusion?
I jumped and signed up to Amanda Frances Money Mindset Course. For the first time in my life, I put it on the credit card and knew i didn´t have it backed in the account. But I knew and trusted. A) I was going to learn and be able to manifest in the course and B) that this was necessary to actually raise my energy and knowledge around money.

Today, I spend my money differently. I try to be in a positive vibration when I am spending and think of how money supports me in what I do. What goes out must come in, what comes in must go out. Joe Vitale compares this never ending money flow with a crossroads: If the light keeps being on red all the time, the flow will block. You have to keep the circulation going and remain open to receiving, even from very odd and strange sources.

Everything I have read so far was just preparation. Now comes the next step. It is time for the next level.

Everything is Mental

Money is in direct correlation to your self worth!

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