Tips on how to invest in P2P credit platforms

Looking back onto nearly a year of investment on different platforms, today I logged into my profiles again and decided to write an update. For me Mintos and Bondora is where I "play".  Most finance bloggers online say they have a few 1000 Euros on there and thereof get out a nice sum per month. Good for them, I personally only have a few 100 on there.

I do find it a bit risky to invest thousands, however it is possible to do so. Once you have followed a platform for a long time and you feel that they are stable enough, do it if you feel is stable. I personally just invest little play money.

Looking back, here are my "little woman" investment revelations:

  • Don´t invest too heavily from the start. Play with small amounts and see what you learn - loan originator by loan originator, country by country.
  • Invest country by country or loan originator by loan originator. By doing this, you will gain the necessary knowledge you need for the future. Why would you invest in Asa and not in Creamfinance? Why I prefer to put my money to Kenya and not to Denmark on Mintos? Until you can answer this, operate with caution and see it as a learning experience.
  • Start with 50-100 Eur at a time per country/loan originator and see which learnings (and money) that brings you per month. Rinse and repeat for a few months.
  • Investing in Scandinavia sounds promising, because in these countries if the borrower is late with his payment have a good system to get in this money. As opposed to countries like Kenya or Georgia.. such institutions are not in place. But does this make a big difference or not and on which platform?
  • Sad but true: women are usually tardy with repayment. Especially in emerging market countries they don´t know how to deal with money, they have never learned that. Having lived on an island in Greece and having traveled extensively, I got to know how they connect to money and self-worth. The old mindset of women being unworthy, no good with money, only here for bearing children and helpmates... You get it. Therefore I rarely invest in credits to women. There is alot of work ahead to educate women
  • Investing into non-buyback guarantee is at your own risk. These loans at least for me - look promising but never got paid back. It is most likely lost money.

It´s a good idea to follow the blog of your investment platform, the economy and/or the loan originator and other finance bloggers to keep up to date with your information.
Yes, that IS a lot of work! We have a saying in Switzerland "Nothing comes from nothing". Did you think that this money comes just from tossing your amount in and leaning back? I know most people (including me) want that. We want money and riches with no effort.

It aint gonna happen. No it wont. Sorry. Listen to Brian Tracy and Warren Buffet: discipline and daily learning is necessary.

I have been testing around with Bondora, Mintos and Peerberry so far. The only P2P credit platform that I can really recommend is Mintos. If you want to sign up I can help you start out. If so, you can always contact me through Facebook, through here or Instagram. 


Would you like to keep getting free information from me about money and investments? I totally enjoy investigating and sharing my information with women from across the world. Therefore I am now looking at becoming a bit more professional and getting my blog hosted and publish on my own website.

If you decide to sign up for Mintos, I would be very happy if you used this link to help me keep writing for you. Thank you!