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November 2018 Book List

November brings new things Not only me learning more and more, but also writing on my book about money. Exciting news are on the way, that much is for sure!!

Here is the list of the books worth mentioning:

Anything is possible - Joe Vitale Warren Buffett: 9 Daily Habits of Warren Buffett - Isaac FoxDie Gesetze der Gewinner - Bodo Schäfer
There are lots of German books, in case you don´t understand German, please jump down to the part about Joe Vitale.

Definitelynot recommendable is Bodo Schäfers book who is a well known speaker. Save your time and money and simply listen to his speeches. That is enough. 

---> With Joe Vitales book I got the second book by him which I am just about to finish. 
In this short book he tells us about his fascinating experiences with the Old Strongmen Club where he learned how to bend horseshoes by hand and with the right mindset.

Joe`s website:

Until next month, the last month with more surprises! Take care and keep saving your…

October 2018

A Recap Month October was a recap month for the most. And also the month I quit my Audible subscription. I had enough and I was not happy with their customer service. But that is another story.

Octobers book list:
In October, what I thought was a great idea, turned out to be a failed attempt:

"A Course in Miracles" by Helen Schucman

The copy sold on audible seemed to be a recording from a radio series and I had trouble understanding anything. This "book" might be good as a live workbook or course but it´s not something that you listen to while you are taking a walk or driving. The 49hour long audible book is something one should work through during a week off by really working through it page by page.

The audiobook has a lot of negative references and even a long video reference recommending NOT to get it.  I purchased it anyway. Why?  I wanted to know what the hype was about, and why public speakers and spiritual teachers are citing it so often.

If you search for …