October 2018

A Recap Month

October was a recap month for the most. And also the month I quit my Audible subscription. I had enough and I was not happy with their customer service. But that is another story.

Octobers book list:
In October, what I thought was a great idea, turned out to be a failed attempt:

"A Course in Miracles" by Helen Schucman

The copy sold on audible seemed to be a recording from a radio series and I had trouble understanding anything. This "book" might be good as a live workbook or course but it´s not something that you listen to while you are taking a walk or driving. The 49hour long audible book is something one should work through during a week off by really working through it page by page.

The audiobook has a lot of negative references and even a long video reference recommending NOT to get it.  I purchased it anyway. Why?  I wanted to know what the hype was about, and why public speakers and spiritual teachers are citing it so often.

If you search for the book on Amazon, you will find that the title pups up several times with different covers by different authors. It is unclear which copy to get and who published it which is WHY I am not giving you a link here.

So to sum up, I don´t understand what the hype is and I will save this course for when I retire. At this point only having heard about 1.5 hour of the first book, I cannot really make any comment on the content.


October was also a month of more revelations: The other day, I counted all the finance books that I had read in 2018:  45 books so far!

Wow! I was amazed myself and happy that something so small in the beginning could become so big in the end. These were only the books I cited here, we are not considering the countless Youtube videos, live streams attended, groups discussed in, talks and connections made outside of the cyberspace.

More brings more.  Is this what they mean by the power of compounding?

The knowledge I gained is pretty visible now and vast. According to the law of attraction, it automatically brought me more good information and knowledge, interesting people popped up in front of me, speakers and courses became visible. My path changed and my mindset shifted... which again brought more of the good stuff I focused on and so forth. 

Additionally in October I continued to invest time on building my own online presence. 
I have built 2 new homepages and I am starting a 3rd one now - an entirely new side project.

Also, I went through an online Money Mentality Course and first results show up. I am able to let random sums of money pop up here and there, refunds, discounts and free things. Manifestation is an inside job and before we have all cleared our mental money blocks, we will remain poor in our mindset.

Seeing the number 45, I now have ambitions to reach 52 in 2018, just because this is the number of weeks that one year has. It made me reactivate the Kindle Unlimited subscription again and stack up on 10 books this morning. There is work waiting and I feel almost like being a Warren Buffet... reading so many hours every day.

This is not enough, I have plans to write an e-book or create a knowledge product for women about money which I want to publish at the end of the year.

Please don´t be cheap with yourself

Another October revelation was this:
Being cheap with yourself will NOT get you ahead. I distance myself from these "frugality" blogs and people trying to put minimalism into the center and make spending less the main target. I agree that we usually need less stuff than we already own, but this technique focuses on lack. Focusing on the lack will bring what? MORE LACK! 

Of course we all know this passively, but do we take the plunge? Are we actively going down that scary road and spend for something that raises our vibration and brings us more abundance?

Here is my 1st hand example how focusing on abundance brought me more abundance:
I returned to Switzerland and without a job or stable income, I invested in a new phone with the most expensive monthly subscription because I need the fast internet wherever I go, because I need to be able to study and work from anywhere I go. I don´t regret a thing. It´s worth every single penny and makes my life so easy.

Every day, whenever I leave the house I feel very empowered because I know, I can work whenever I want, there are no limitations anymore. I feel inspired and given the possibilities, I feel "held" by the universe to create whatever I want. Had I not bought it, I would still focus on lack and boundaries. Plus the phone makes awesome pictures and is performing super fast.

So many things, so little time

Esther Hicks, Joe Vitale...and and and.. there is so much out there to read and learn. So many good authors, speakers. Just our time is limited. I believe that in this new information age this time factor will become more and more important.

I think successful time use has become crucial to get stuff done nowadays. Keep your morning routines alive and stable. And follow your plan systematically.

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