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December 2018

For December 2018 I had a huge list of books prepared that I wanted to read/listen to. Reality though was that I was mostly occupied searching for a full time job and learning new things through books and Youtube Channels.

Here is the list:  Seth Godin - TribesSeth Godin - Purple Cow  Sheryl Sandberg - Lean In
I love listenting to amazing Seth and he surely advanced even more in my personal favorite authors charts. Click here to see what else I was studying.

Sheryl Sandberg was the most surprising women I have ever heard of. Her story is amazing and for a woman I can so much relate to all she said. She knows what women struggle with and how. I believe it is time to raise women!!! (more about this below in the part about Amandas Course)

If you retain anything from me in 2018, please let it be Sheryl's book!
My One Year Anniversary! So, December 2018 was a big month! Why so? This blog is now one year old and my financial journey too. Time flies by so quickly and with me focusi…