December 2018

For December 2018 I had a huge list of books prepared that I wanted to read/listen to. Reality though was that I was mostly occupied searching for a full time job and learning new things through books and Youtube Channels.

Here is the list: 

  • Seth Godin - Tribes
  • Seth Godin - Purple Cow 
  • Sheryl Sandberg - Lean In
I love listenting to amazing Seth and he surely advanced even more in my personal favorite authors charts. Click here to see what else I was studying.

Sheryl Sandberg was the most surprising women I have ever heard of. Her story is amazing and for a woman I can so much relate to all she said. She knows what women struggle with and how. I believe it is time to raise women!!! (more about this below in the part about Amandas Course)

If you retain anything from me in 2018, please let it be Sheryl's book!

My One Year Anniversary!

So, December 2018 was a big month! Why so? This blog is now one year old and my financial journey too. Time flies by so quickly and with me focusing a lot more on Mintos and ways of making more from small incomes at the moment.

Looking back, I am amazed by how far I have already come. How much I have learned in only one year. From zero to finding money-making strategies and beginning a portfolio. I feel like I am a whole different person.

What has changed me so much? 
I think all my efforts together accumulated: I listened to many books and also learned via Podcasts and Youtube Videos. Plus trial and error of course. Think about it: 20 years ago we didn't have this possibility! We could buy a magazine or old school books but still it was not easy to get the opinion of other people about products, ways to learn, ways to live, etc. The time now is unique and I am 100% in to taking advantage of it.

December was also the month I said goodbye to the Amazon Affiliate program. Very freeing I have to say! During all these years I nave never earned a single dime from it. Never. Think of all the traffic I sent over to them. Without any reward or thank you.
The recent development with Amazon though makes me think of possibly dropping Jeff more and more: I am going to favor local bookstores more and I am looking out for more personal affiliates. People I know more personally and even people I met in person. I am starting to build my empire from there and this is what I personally believe is best long term.

My mindset about money shifted

I can honestly and humbly say that I never had low self esteem. I might have had some doubts about myself sometimes in certain areas but always stood my ground when I wanted something. But listen up now .. through a coincidence I heard about this woman Amanda who is attracting millions of dollars with her online business. It looks like she is just an online coach for women.. but her most known course is the "Money Mentality Course".

Her courses have taken me to another level in thinking about myself and in attracting money. A level that was beyond my imagination. I am playing in an entirely different league!  If you click the link below, you will get to here Homepage. She has tons of free content through Facebook and Youtube which you can consult listen to and enjoy. She has groups and goes live a few times here and there. She has courses ranging from 7 Dollars to 100.000 Dollars. Check it out, it might change your life forever:

If you retain a second thing from me in 2018, please let it be Amandas Money Mentality! 

My personal tips for you!

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I want to go big: Want to learn how to manifest real cash into your life? Learn from my coach Amanda

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