About this project

Here we go

Hi, Im Tanja. Im Swiss and I like Money. I was not intending this, but yeah, that probably matches your stereotype well. Not every swiss likes money though or let´s put it that way: not every swiss admits he/she likes money. 

We have a saying here „We don´t speak about money, we own it“. And we love spending it.

But let me break it to you: there are still a lot of peole here who notoriously say „Oh money doesn´t make you happy“ „Oh I believe everything in life is predestined and I cannot really change much about it“ and BS like that. I´m certainly not one of them. I have always liked money and loved to accumulate it. At the same time I have always been very innovative about getting money and I have never had a problem to get together large sums in relatively short amount of time. I think Money is  fascinating and I want to have enough, more than enough, I want to have as much as I wish for in every minute. 

I recently turned 40 and I realised - As Brian Tracy puts it: „I don`t have any money“. Or at least I noticed that I don´t have alot and that I wanted more. At the same time, I knew that the classic work-until-you-get-pension model of the previous years doesent work for me. So something had to change. But what?

It starts with yourself

To go up you must go down first. Which of course had happened long before. So I had been there. And I had also been there financially. Due to my own stupid mistake of course. 

Thanks to Brian Tracy and Toni Robbins though, I had already been able to climb up the latter quite high. My income had tripled and I was no longer accepting low value jobs. I was making more a month that I ever had in my life in December 2017 and more than most working people make a month in our country. 

But on this day, on January 2nd 2018, I had reached the point of edge: I had had enough of being surrounded by people saying „Money doesn't make happy“ and taking victim place in their life. People who trust in the old scheme of „just save throughut your life“ and „Things will work out.“ working for the same company until you magically get promoted. 

No folks, it aint happening! Banks are not giving any interest anymore. Start ups have changed their direction completely, busines models have changed, workforce has changed, pace in business has changed, relationships have changed: And - in case you have still not realised - the 8-5 job is a relict from the past. - It´s Switzerland baby, we do work a lot. Actually nobody here only works from 8 to 5. 

To make it short: 
On January 2nd I realised that I needed to break out of my own chains and find a way to get to a next level of wealth. It was necessary to start thinking even bigger than I already was. I got enough of this „looser slime“* that is all over the place. I want to make it happen and change my finances dramatically. The first thing was this: 
(*Aries. Im loyal and direct. You will always know where you stand and what to expect.)

I decided upon a challenge for 2018:

To read only books about money. Many books. 

What to expect from this blog? What´s in it for you? 

Along with reading the books I am going to post my progress here. I will provide a documentation on how my life changed just by reading about money. By becoming a "learning-machine" as Warren Buffet put it. Additionally, I will offer you information about the books that I read and what I have learned from them. 

By doing that my life will change and I will give you the chance to follow this and observe what impact it has.